Oneness Family School

Services: Marketing communications strategy | Competitive analysis | Branding | Marketing plan | Marketing collateral


A private school in the highly competitive Washington DC area had recently increased tuition and was noticing a reduction in expected new enrollment. The Oneness-Family School was interested in effectively reaching their target audience, differentiating themselves from the competition and increasing student enrollment.



The Oneness-Family School is an independent school with a rigorous academic program and a Montessori-based curriculum focused on personal growth, global citizenship and academic excellence. We help children develop a life-long love of learning with a multidisciplinary curriculum that includes experiential learning, foreign language study, environmental studies, self discovery and the arts.



Development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing communications plan allowed Oneness-Family School to effectively market, promote and grow through development of a strategic guideline that could be easily followed. The plan incorporated advertising, public relations, tradeshows, community outreach and email and direct mail campaigns. We also updated the OFS website, incorporated SEO keywords, optimized the website for search and developed a PPC advertising campaign.



Enrollment for the following school year was significantly increased and the school started looking at expanding their geographic footprint in order to accommodate additional students and provide facility enhancements.