Vigor Systems, Inc.

Services: Client surveys | Brand strategy & development | Competitive analysis


Vigor Systems, Inc. wanted to present a consistent and professional brand identity and clear messaging in order to support growth and:

  •     » Avoid confusion regarding their products and services
  •     » Build brand awareness
  •     » Position themselves as a key player in the market



Vigor Systems was launched in 2002 to provide ad insertion solutions to the broadcast industry. They had recently expanded to offer project–related products providing OEM and custom solutions to large end-user groups.



Strategic Solutions initially conducted a brand assessment in order to understand the current brand image, the organization, customers, competitors, and overall market. This included identifying brand strengths, weaknesses and priorities; internal executive interviews; customer surveys; development of a target customer profile and a competitive analysis.
Based on this information, we then focused on positioning the brand and development of the company Mission and Vision Statements and developed a target customer profile.
Working with an outside creative agency we implemented the updated branding throughout all marketing collateral.



Vigor Systems was able to effectively position their brand with consistent messaging across all product and market segments, resulting in increased brand awareness and strong growth.